7 Reasons why Etsy Sellers should backup their shop

Setting up and maintaining a shop in Etsy is a time consuming task. Typical shop owner invests a significant amount of time in writing detailed descriptions of their products , taking pictures and usually processing the images until the right ones are chosen, in addition optimizing the shop listing to rank as high as possible in Etsy. These are just the basic steps in maintaining your shop.

The reality is that your shop goes through continuous changes and while Etsy as a well established service is perfectly secured place for your current shop version (as long as you obey Etsy’s policies) Etsy will not save previous versions of your listing details.

Some of you may wonder why do we need previous shop versions and there are a number of reasons for that:

  1. Etsy recommends backing up your Etsy shop and even provides a manual way for partial backup that saves listing text only (not images and not other shop info)
  1. Etsy has very strict policies and when they suspect a foul play they can (and they will) suspend your shop and in this case you lose access to all your shop data. It is true you have all the data somewhere in your computer but imagine if you had to recreate your shop from scratch now based on the material in your PC… you can read about it more here
  1. Human errors: if we delete an item or modify an item by mistake we need to recreate it from our raw material (the descriptions we save in our PC or pictures that we think we used but we cannot always be sure)
  1. SEO settings: you probably invest a lot of time in tagging and modifying listings description in order to improve your listings position in Etsy. sometimes you manage to get improvements but sometimes changes you made can result in loss of traffic to your listing and in this case if you have a backup you can simply revert to the previous version if the item and if you dont well… you will need to recreate the listing settings from memory which can take more time and is more error prone
  1. Modifying the shop after discounts: usually after shop discounts you need to modify all items to remove the discount notice. if you have an updated backup you can simply restore the items to the previous version
  1. Saving shop details in your PC is recommended but it is also highly recommended to save an additional copy in other location like a cloud service as PC hard disk have an expiry date and laptops can also be lost \ broken \stolen
  1. Peace of mind : Last but certainly not least: you invest so much time , energy and emotions setting and maintaining your shop. knowing that even if worse comes to worse a shop restore can be a mouse click away reduces stress and possible aggravation

For the above reasons and based on 4 years of experience selling in Etsy by Sigal at SigalFJewelry we developed Backtsy: an automatic backup solution for your shop in Etsy. Backtsy also provides simple solution for restoring your listings and or your shop if and when you need to do it.

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